Our Story

Wear Maryland is a clothing line designed to encompass all things we love about our favorite state. We are a small family run company, born and raised in Maryland. Spending time between Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, we like to think we are the quintessential Maryland family. While growing up, we spent Saturday nights in the summer baiting the trot line with chicken necks for an early wake up call Sunday morning (sometimes against our will). Sunday night, we would lay out the brown paper and sit around a picnic table to enjoy our hard earned crabs with a feast including corn on the cob, our Oma's famous cucumber salad, and of course those 10oz bud cans (for the adults...) Our pup would sit alongside and try to fight for any scraps of shells dropped on the ground. 

We have been making t-shirts for over 30 years, and we decided it was time to bring it back home. Combining our love of crabbing, boating, dogs, beer, the state flag, the coastal lifestyle, and t-shirts...we truly are WEARing MARYLAND!